Jacob Sheep

Jacob Sheep

Seeing my first Jacob sheep was enough to convince me that I needed to raise sheep! I was fortunate that my first Jacob sheep were very high quality. All other Jacobs that were put into our flock were descendants from the sheep imported in the 1970's. We have been breeding Jacob sheep for over twenty years. They are a very elegant sheep, immediately recognizable by their distinct markings and horns. Jacob sheep can have two or more horns. They have lovely medium fine fleeces. They are more primitive than modern sheep breeds, that is, are slender and more "goat" like in body type. They do produce a lean carcass with little fat. They are also a highly fertile breed and make excellent mothers.

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Jacobs For Sale

Sorry! None at this time!

Jacob Wool
We shear in late spring (my daughter and I both shear), and select and heavily skirt hand spinning fleeces. Jacob fleeces are 7.00 a pound plus shipping. Roving is available some years.